Parramatta & District Synagogue


Jewish Comedy There’s a Seinfeld episode about a dentist who converts to judaism just to steal and use the jokes.  It’s as good a reason as any and there’s gotta be more to life than longing to utter ‘Pass me a schtickle of flouride.”   This superb Old Jews Telling Jokes site is one of them. Enjoy responsibly.

World Jewish Bingo Championships

Regardless of the fact that it probably isn’t the centre of the universe outside of Sydney, Parramatta Synagogue thinks of itself as the home of the Annual World Jewish Bingo Championships. No quarter asked or given as familes and friends from all generations mercilessly try to outdo one another in the search for bingo glory in order to win the prized $1 scratchies on offer.

Get in touch with Parramatta Synagogue via to find out when the next Annual World Jewish Bingo Championships are being held.




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